Cory Weaver

Lead Vocalist, Composer

A multi-talented musician, Cory Weaver is the Lead vocalist for Forever RED.

His musical career began in the early 80’s with a band called Silent Fury as their drummer and second vocalist.

Over time, he served his country in the United States Marine Corps, where he would sit in with bands that would come into the local Jacksonville NC area to perform.

After his discharge, and upon accepting Jesus Christ as his Savior, he explored the southern gospel and Christian contemporary music scene. His heart and soul, however, longed for the familiar heavy guitar and driving beats that he grew up playing.

After forming a bond with a fellow Christian, they formed a Christian rock band and went on a 25 year roll. Ultimately, that band came to an end but Cory was still as determined as ever to follow God’s call in music.

Now, he fronts one of the premier up and coming Christian rock bands in the music scene. He many of the lyrics and riffs for their unique original sound.

MaryLynn Hunter

Lead Vocalist

  I’ve always loved singing and entertaining. I would basically sing to anyone. I was in Rhythym & Rhapsody at Ragsdale High School in Jamestown, NC . Went to Greensboro College majoring business administration and minoring in Music. Won several classical music competitions throughout my high school and college years. After college I suffered some medical issues which knocked me off track a couple of years. Then I met up with an old high school friend and joined her band for many years. Then we started a band called Stiletto and were together four years. Hit another band called ROCKIT and was with them two years. Decided I wanted to do more with my music career and found Cory on Bandmix. I really felt that my purpose in life is to use my voice and spread God’s word thru my music. The band I joined with Cory was Gethsemane but we’ve now decided to rebrand ourselves under the new name Forever Red. I am so blessed to have been a part of this wonderful group of men. They are all so talented and this experience has definitely changed my life for the better. God has been so good to me!

Ernie Salley

Lead Guitarist 

Lead Guitar

A South Carolina native, Ernie began playing guitar at age 12.  He played trumpet through middle and high schools where he gained his musical knowledge.  Virtually self taught on guitar, he began jamming with high school friends and that was the start of 30 + years of playing with various different bands along the east coast and gulf coast.  After graduating from Clemson University in 1985, his professional career as a chemical engineer took him to Atlanta, GA and then to Philadelphia, PA in 1987, where he played with an all original metal band, Masquerade.  In 1991, he then moved to Fayetteville, NC due to a job change where he met his future wife, Dee.  In Fayetteville, he started out with an all original metal band called VeloCity.  After about a year, the band broke up and Ernie joined one of his friend’s classic rock band, Boothill Express.  Boothill gained success as a local bar favorite for about a year and then regrouped due to tensions within the band.  Boothill disbanded and then reformed as Rattler.  Ernie was a founding member and the band leader.  The band dominated the bar scene in Fayetteville from the early 90’s until about 2000 when they disbanded.  Ernie left the band in 1995 due to a job promotion which took him to Delaware.  In Delaware, after settling into the new job, he joined a country band called Angel and Wildheart.  In 1997, after about a year with Angel, his job took him to Mississippi, close to New Orleans.  By this time, Ernie had tired of the bar scene and was testing the waters of contemporary Christian music.  Raised in a Christian home and himself a Christian since his youth, Ernie always thought it would be cool to take favorite hymns and give them an up-to-date popular twist.  So the contemporary Christian scene offered just that type of opportunity.  While experimenting on his own with this new and upcoming musical genre, he joined a gospel group called Redeemed where he played lead and rhythm guitar.  Redeemed was the backup band for the New Orleans “House of Blues” Sunday brunch and performed at many gospel rallies thought the New Orleans area.  After about six months with Redeemed, Ernie took a job change that brought him and his wife, Dee back home to North Carolina.  Relocating to Fuquay-Varina, Ernie joined the Fuquay-Varina United Methodist Church Praise Band.  For 3 years, Ernie played in the church as lead/rhythm guitarist and alternate bassist.  During this time, Ernie also formed a 3 piece independent Christian band called Crossroad with whom he played guitar and was lead singer.  With Crossroad, Ernie’s writing skills began to develop.  A job change in 2006 again forced him and his wife to relocate, this time to the Winston-Salem area.  After relocation, Ernie and his wife settled into the local lifestyle and began attending Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem.  After several months of attending, an opening for bassist in the church orchestra presented itself.  Even though guitar was his preference, playing bass would allow service in the church’s music ministry.  It turns out there was another guy auditioning for bass at the same time, Forever RED’s newest member, Todd Douglas.  Well, Todd got the bass spot, but Ernie ended up taking over on acoustic guitar and began a playing electric also.  Ernie continues to play guitar regularly and occasionally sit in on bass when needed.  Ernie and Cory had been in contact with each other for several years and tried to join forces. But for one reason or another, the timing just was not right.  Finally in 2016, the timing was right and Ernie teamed up with Cory in Gethsemane.  After 2 years with Gethsemane, a new vision and mission was born.  That rebirth is Forever RED.

Larry Ellis

Rhythm Guitarist 

Grew up listing to 50, 60, 70’s music. Found the group Kiss growing up and that was the start to his guitar playing love. The cover of KISS ALIVE was his inspiration to start wanting to play guitar. Played guitar and bass with friends growing up but never joined any bands at the time. Gave up playing for awhile due to starting a family. Love of guitars and music though was still in his blood. Finally, around 2006 he bought his first real electric guitar. An Epiphone Chrome Les Paul and that is when his love of Les Paul’s and music was ignited again. He and some friends started up a band writing all original music and finally covering some songs. This band actually did good for awhile never really playing out but still loved the music and tried to keep it going. This ended sometime in early 2011. Still wanted to play and have a band so a few more came and went.

Finally, in early 2012 things changed dramatically. Finally started playing in church band on guitar and then bass. However, his love of guitars came back around and he answered an add from Cory. That’s when he finally found his “home”. There have been up and downs in the band even stepping out when his father passed away but he knew this band was his home and second family and wanted back in. Cory agreed to let hm back in and looks forward to big things with the band.

His faith has also grown with in this band. He was saved at an early age, but things changed over the years. He is now back where he needs to be.

His love of music though still has not changed. Love all music from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. how ever his real love is music of the 80’s to early 90’s. All the Hair Bands and metal bands.

Doug Hill


I was born to young parents and my dad dropped out of high school to get a job to support us. They say the first winter, they awakened one morning to find snow on me, if that gives you a hint of our financial background. as the story goes, after that I spent quite a bit of time at my grandmothers. In grade school I discovered that if you were in the band you got to skip class to take band. there was a catch, it cost money to take band but that was alright, they let me start anyway! I began on trumpet, because they needed trumpet players. That was a bust, but I thought, what about drums? there didn’t appear to be a great skill level, I can do that, so I went to playing the snare drum. It seemed a while had past and they wanted their money. I’m sure I suffered for my transgression, and that ended my band days. the good news the next Christmas I received a trap kit, which is a snare drum,drum stand, cymbal stand and small cymbal. I started banging around with some guys learning to play the guitar. The next Christmas I received a sears set of drums, Hot Dog! I carried a 5 pc shell pack with a high hat, and 2 cymbals and stands 3 miles to jam with my buddies once a week for several months. We were in the 6th grade and won the talent show that year, this was in the sixties, 2 of the songs were “my girl” and an instrumental “twilight zone”. After that we kind of drifted apart. I would play with different people but nothing serious. In the seventies, I played with some local bands, doing the bar scene, playing at parties, staying drunk and experimenting with different drugs. This continued through the early eighties. I met the woman God wanted me to be with during this time. She was tired of this life and wanted a change. I worked with a guy who had bugged me about going to church so I yielded. I was along for the ride, I was good with how things were. She got saved and the relationship changed, she didn’t want to drink, do drugs, or be intimate and not be married. I continued to go to church with her and the Holy Spirit began to deal with me and I gave my life to Jesus Christ in February, 1986. The choir director heard that I played the drums and invited me to sit in. This was a small Baptist church in a small rural community, and in  the eighties, my buddy said I’d get run off. They seem to enjoy the drums, I’ve been playing drums at Hillside Park Baptist Church, in Thomasville NC for the past 32 years and still get excited. During this time I have played with a country gospel band complete with steel guitar, we traveled around for a while but our lead male vocalist had a heart attack and eventually died. Latter I had the pleasure to play with a blues gospel group from charlotte NC. I played with those guys for a couple of years until the keyboard player had to relocate due to a job promotion. This explains the style that I play. To me it is a basic style with an occasional flare, that has evolved through several decades and several different genre. My prayer is that the Lord will take us as individuals, and especially as a band, fill us with His Holy Spirit and use us as a conduit for the Holy Spirit to flow; that something we may say, sing or do might plant that seed and someone will respond and accept Jesus Christ as Savior of their life. Amen!!!

Todd Pukanecz

Bass Player

Todd grew up playing punk rock but over the years has played almost every style of music from speed metal and techno pop to classic rock and country.

To show God works all things together for good, Todd took skills learned in his decades of decadence and is now using them for the glory of Christ.

Todd is a member at Calvary Baptist in Winston-Salem, NC where he plays in the orchestra and jazz ensemble.